Intellectual Investment in Education: Case of India and Poland

Research paper “Intellectual Investment in Education: Case of India and Poland” (2014), recently published with Vistula Publication (Pazdziernik- Grudzien 2015 / nr 4 (46)/2015) and online at CEJSH – “The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities”. I am recommending all my partner universities from India and Poland to read it. Especially for Polish Partner universities to understand the Indian market and way of cooperation is required. India is not only 2nd largest market in the world but one of the largest market with intellectual capital. This paper is just a beginning of understanding and expectations from partner universities. Full Paper is available here:…/bwmeta…/c/KNUV_4_46_2015.50-62.pdf


Half of Polish universities will fall- Rescue can come from India

Polish financial portal published a comprehensive interview with Dr. Pradeep Kumar, President of IEEF, entitled “Half of Polish universities will fall. Rescue can come from...
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MoU with Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National Louis University

We are pleased to announce that recently we’ve signed MoU with one of the renowned private university in Nowy Sacz, Poland- Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National Louis University for academic...
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ESPERA 2016, December 15-16, 2016 Bucharest, Romania

The 4th International Conference “Economic Scientific Research – Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approaches” ESPERA 2016 scheduled on December 15-16, 2016 at Romanian...
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International Conference on Business Risk in Changing Dynamics of Global Village, (BRCDGV-2017)

International Conference on Business Risk in Changing Dynamics of Global Village, (BRCDGV-2017) The Conference is designed to call expert’s around the globe from different sectors of practices which...
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INCON 2017, January 20-21, 2017 at ASM Group of Institutes, Pune, India

Indo-European Education Foundation, Warsaw, Poland in cooperation with the ASM Group of Institute, Pune, India, presents INCON 2017, 12th Edition (International Conference on ‘Ongoing research...
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CET-India Test 2016 May-31st-2016

On May 31st 2016, “CET-India Test” going to be launched in India with academic and administrative co-operation with Indian Partners Universities/Schools.   Common Entrance Test (CET) on June 19th...
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Untapped Business Opportunities in Education Sector: India, Poland Perspective

“Untapped Business Opportunities in Education Sector: India, Poland Perspective” has been published under ASM Business Review “Business Strategies Practices and Innovations”,...
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A New Trend of Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies

The latest paper published “A New Trend of Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies” for RCE 2016 (International Conference Risk in Contemporary Economy,...
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MATS University Law Journal “Green Law, Environment and Climate Change”

MATS University Law Journal, Volume II, Issue 1, 2015, “GREEN LAW, ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE...
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Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF)” as research center is located in Central Europe in the heart of Warsaw, Poland. It is a non-profit organization registered under Government of Poland (EU), Ministry of Higher Education (KRS:0000480908). Working with the vision to create a bridge between India, Poland and the European Union, based on interlinks model of Academia and Industries.


“Top 4 best Public & Private university cooperation”

“Best University-Business cooperation of the year 2015” – by Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) ‘Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards 2015’- (Nominated)


It has been seen that the knowledge of India in Europe, especially in Central Europe is quite limited. It is due to the small number of Centers of excellence dedicated to the field of research and study. In Central and Eastern Europe there is no such research center concerning modern India, which may provide support for Indo-Polish and Indo-EU potential partnerships. Despite of significant number of universities dealing with oriental study programs there is very poor level of academic and trade relations between Poland and India.

In term of business and education- when Europe is focusing on the Chinese market, India is focusing on the American and few selected European Countries. The first destination for Indian students, scholars and business elites is the USA or other English speaking countries. Every year 10 times more Indians choose the USA over Europe for higher education and research projects, which shows EU is not a favorable destination among Indians for research and businesses because of limited knowledge of these countries in Indian regions. In case of India and Poland- relations between India and Poland are very limited due to the narrow knowledge of India in Poland and Poland in India, although these relations are very old and reliable. The reason behind this limited cooperation is lack of studies and research centers in Poland (EU) as well as in India, which may link them together. This turns out to be a serious obstacle for considerable progress in establishing and strengthening ties between Poland (EU) and India. The solutions of these problems could be reached within the framework of multi-dimensional cooperation through academia and Industrial links, which may create long term trustworthy partnerships among institutions, universities, organizations, industries and individuals between India, Poland and EU.

Therefore, Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF) has been established as inter-active, interdisciplinary and holistic approach to create a bridge between India, Poland and EU. IEEF came in existence in 2008 in Poland, and get legal identity in 2013 under Government of Poland, Ministry of Higher Education as “Indo-European Education Foundation” with KRS: 0000480908, Ref.: WA. XII NS-REJ.KRS/042319/13/413.  IEEF provides a real platform for students, scholars, universities, institutes, organizations, industries, NGOs, GOs, and individuals, where the stimulation of ideas, visions and plans for alternatives, and long-term partnership can be developed.


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