The European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice

The European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice

17 April 2018, 2 pm

We are pleased to announce that the Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF) is an ‘institutional partner’ for “European Economic Congress (EEC)” Katowice, Poland, scheduled on the 14th, 15th and 16th May 2018.

Our Foundation is responsible to organize and conduct “India-Poland Economic Forum” under EEC Katowice on the 14th of May 2018  devoted to India-Poland, and India-Poland-EU (European Union) co-operation, addressing opportunities and challenges as well as to provide the best solutions for strengthening economic ties.  


I am sure that the European Economic Congress, Katowice would provide an excellent platform for diplomats, law makers and experts, budding and eminent researchers and professionals from various industries and academic institutions to get exposed to the state of the art knowledge in their own area of expertise and interest, discuss with their counterparts and explore the opportunities and challenges in the areas trade development between India, Poland and European Union. I also wish that the interested parties, law makers and experts from both the countries make the best use of this opportunity given by European Economic Congress as well as India-Poland Economic Forum, Katowice - said Dr Pradeep Kumar, President of IEEF, who will be moderating first panel disccussion during Forum.

We are inviting delegates from India (diplomats, law makers, experts, scholars, students and business elites), including Ministry of Higher Education/Ministry of Human Resource Govt. of India as well as states, Cheif Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, and Education Ministers from state's governments. From Polish side we are also expecting  diplomats, experts and law makers visiting EEC Katowice Conference. 

Detailed information will be published soon.


‘India – Poland Economic Forum’ agenda:

  • Barriers and opportunities for doing business in India.
  • Attracting India for Polish Business.
  • Barriers and opportunities for Indian business in Polish Market.
  • Growth of Indian Middle class demands high consumption productions and consumptions – what are the sectors where Polish investment may provide services  as per the Indian demands?
  • How Human Rights Commission work as observatory body to protect labour rights and child abuses  from local and multinational companies?
  • How financial system in India is regulated and banking system is protected from financial downturns?
  • First steps toward business: requirements and eligibilities India/Poland side?
  • Laws and regulations are the guarantors of any investment – in this contest how Indian and Polish laws are assuring foreign investment in respective countries?
  • How education can play wider role for new opportunities to create a new road map for bilateral relations between India and Poland?
  • Growing and demanding health care services provide new range of cooperation – how you see cooperation between India and Poland ?
  • Where is the space for  logistics and transportation companies to contribute for changing India?
  • Presence of Indian Bank in Poland may increase the interest of Indian Business in Poland.  How you see the possibilities to establish banking cooperation between Indian and Poland?


The European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice is a three-day cycle of debates, meetings and accompanying events with the attendance of over 9 thousand guests from Poland, Europe and the world at large. Almost 150 sessions are attended every year by several hundred panellists, including EU commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of European governments, CEOs of the largest companies, scientists and practitioners, decision makers who impact economic and social life in real terms. Among opinion leaders, in the form of an open public debate, discussions are held on issues that are crucial for Europe's development.


A growing importance of debates on international economic co-operation, trade, foreign investments and the global economy can be seen in the agenda of the Congress. Every year, the scope of those events is widened with new issues and regions of the world. Moreover, as confirmed by the experiences and opinions of our Guests from Europe as well as from Asia, Africa and North America, the Congress is an excellent place for establishing and strengthening direct, less formal relations.



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