HE Internationalization by Means of Innovative Interaction with the Labour Market and Society

HE Internationalization by Means of Innovative Interaction with the Labour Market and Society

13 July 2018, 1 pm

UGAL International Conference Multidisciplinary HUB for the Higher Education Internationalization by Means of Innovative Interaction with the Labour Market and Society, Going to be organized by “Dun─ârea de Jos” University of Galati, Romania on 26 -27 October 2018.

The notion of excellence in Higher Education has constantly been approached and debated in recent years, not only by HE academics and specialists in various fields of activity, but also by representatives of state institutions concerned with finding appropriate solutions to the various types of socio-economic problems faced by countries all over the world.

Internationalization of HE is easily visible in the joint research articles and projects, in the academic and administrative staff mobility and in students mobility and specialists agree that, in spite of all the differences and difficulties, barriers to global HE enterprises are blurring. The next important step in the process of HE Internationalization is that which will allow HE representatives to find the appropriate legal and administrative solutions meant to reshape the HE institutions so as to serve the students’ real needs and to equip them with the skills required by the constantly shifting business models and trends in the labour market.

  • The goal of the International Conference Multidisciplinary HUB for the Higher Education Internationalization by Means of Innovative Interaction with the Labour Market and Society is to bring together academics, researchers, educational policy makers, entrepreneurs, with a view to exchange innovative education and research tools, valuable and relevant knowledge and expertise and to set up productive partnerships.
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  • Conferenence Theme

S.1. Progress in Science, Engineering and Management of Agriculture and Food Bio-Resources.

S.2. Advanced Research in Naval Technologies.

S.3. Advanced Research in Electronic Engineering and Information Technologies.

S.4. Eco-Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials.

S.5. Advanced Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Advanced Investigation Methods in Environment and Biohealth.

S.6. Advanced Research in Environmental Science and Engineering.

S.7. Advanced Investigation Methods in Medicine and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

S.8. Economic Models, Management and Strategies of Competitiveness.

S.9. Prospective Views on Higher Education Models. Strategic Cooperation for the Internationalization of Higher Education.

S.10. Economy and Cultural /Business Models in the Global Society.

S.11. Advanced Research Methods in Socio-Humanities.



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