Indian students and migrants: Chaos or Opportunities for Poland?

Indian students and migrants: Chaos or Opportunities for Poland?

17 September 2018, 5 pm

As a global economy is changing and shaping a new world order, there are huge potential perspective between India and Poland which may play a very wider role to establish a new era of friendship based on Academia-Industry model of business cooperation by addressing eachother's needs.

India and Poland is looking forward to establish cooperation in many sectors- specially human resources, education, logistics, building roads & transport, food supply & production, mining, film making, fashion designing and many more! But to begin such cooperation both nations should identify each other's interest, and make policies in order to fulfill such needs. It has been seen that thousands of low skilled students from India is willing to come to Poland with an interest to migrate from India to Poland and other European Union member states. These students are specially coming from South India, Gujarat and Punjab regions. Also low skilled workers from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan are creating chaos at Polish Embassy in Delhi as well as at Polish Consulate in Mumbai. Appointments to submit visa applications to the Embassy officials are in waiting periods from 6 months up to one year. Even they receive visa and travel to Poland, it's very easy to see them in Warsaw and other cities of Poland- working for "Uber Eat" as salesman for door to door services, and working in construction sites or picking apples and strawberries. 

Poland is not looking forward to receive illegal (individuals received short visa, travelled to Poland and stay illegal even after expiry of received visas), unskilled labour from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Pakistan etc., or, even unqualified students. But Poland is looking forward to receive well qualified students willing to come for study purpose not just travel and find jobs by dropping their studies for what they were admitted. Poland is willing to receive hundreds of qualified students in order to accommodate them at Polish universities, and skilled labour for Polish companies. 

Dr Pradeep Kumar, President of Indo-European Education Foundation, presented his opinion during an interview conducted by Polish national newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" Also available in printed version news paper (17.09.2018 EKONOMIA).

 Online version:


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