UGAL International Conference Multidisciplinary HUB for the Higher Education

UGAL International Conference Multidisciplinary HUB for the Higher Education

2 November 2018, 11 pm

"UGAL International Conference Multidisciplinary HUB for the Higher Education Internationalization by Means of Innovative Interaction with the Labour Market and Society" has been organized by “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galati, Romania during 26 -27 October 2018.

Dr Pradeep Kumar, President of Indo-European Education Foundation, and faculty of University of Applied Sciences (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa) in Nysa has participated successfuly as keynote speaker and delivers his speech as well as presented his research paper titled "Education As Boon For The Development Of Economic Efficiency And Social Consistency". During keynotes talk dr Kumar highlighted the importance of higher education for the development of an individual's abilities and production capabilities. 

"Education is always known as an essential element for social and economic development of a nation, and educational institutions are in that structure to establish and assist citizens towards the development of its deepest sense of the opening identities - exploring new ways to find better life. It’s always been understood education not only formative but as transformative. Nevertheless, for the past two decades the internationalization of higher education has been most often heard word, which is derived to face the challenges of changing demands of education in globalized world and it’s impact to the socio-economic development. 

Education is the main source of knowledge which helps to develop skills and life style into a very healthy, wealthy and peaceful society. In recent years, education has become the most advanced form of investment in order to increase the capacity of human capital and transform them into skilled labor force. In general, if the profit rate is more productive and higher, investment has been considered as more advanced. It gives quick and stable cash flow by using large number of skilled human capital. Thus, education has not only been identified as profit making business but it is the best novel business, which is connecting educational institutions and industries, and supporting to improve social living standards". 



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