Advisory Notice for Government Officials- India and Poland

Advisory Notice for Government Officials- India and Poland

15 October 2019, 4 pm

Advisory Notice for Government Officials- India and Poland


Dear Representatives,

Advisory notice is about incoming Indians, so-called Indian students to Poland at Polish universities.


Our office has received numerous feedback regarding Indian students or, so-called Indian students coming to Polish Universities are not real students but they are using education as a tool to migrate to Poland or other EU member states. It has been also brought to the notice that many Indian educational consultants are well organized and connected with Polish authorities/representatives in Poland as well as in India, and organizing visa for such students even those are not able to speak a single word of English. It is a matter of concern that when a student is not able to speak English (only speaking Tamil or Malayalam):

  • How they get admission to the Polish Universities? If university authorities are able to examine students before giving them admissions or, just they receive tuition fees and issued ‘confirmation admission letter’, even without knowing student’s profiles. 
  • Even without English- how they get pass visa interview at Polish consulate at Mumbai or, Polish Embassy in New Delhi? If they don’t speak English then in which language Visa consular/examiner examined the student? And how they received visa for Poland ?
  • If after arrival to Poland, such students are going to the universities or just dropping down?
  • How they behave after arrival to Poland in Polish society?

Evidently, recent criminal case proceedings before the District Court in Olsztyn, Poland, under reference no. II K 104/19, where the accused is arrested for murder of another citizen of India, only speaks Malayalam. The victim and the only witness of the incident is also an Indian citizen and only speaks Tamil. In the present case, the prosecutor and the court requested to Indo-European Education Foundation to support them for finding translators for final hearings and verdict. And the Foundation were helpful for providing them appropriate support. The hearings were scheduled for October 9-10, 2019.

Our concern is about real students coming for study purposes are getting affected by such criminal acts. It is also diminishing Indian values in Poland and affecting real education seekers. It can be  also damaging bilateral relations between India and Poland. 

Therefore, we are requesting to all concern authorities to take proper actions against such agencies as well as authorities connected with deporting Indians to Poland and specially to Polish Universities. Mostly, such groups are coming from South India (Kerala, Tamilnadu), and Gujarat. 


  • Get admitted only in the reputed and highly ranked universities/institutions having adequate teaching capacity and infrastructure by following their admission process. Admission in lowly ranked, private universities/institutions as well as those have come to adverse notice due to unsatisfactory teaching, poor infrastructure, and maltreatment of students must be avoided.
  • This letter may kindly be acknowledge and necessary actions taken as indicated above.

Advisory Notice for Government Officials - India and Poland


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