Why India Needs To Decouple From China: Understanding China's Colonial Enterprise

Why India Needs To Decouple From China: Understanding China's Colonial Enterprise

29 December 2020, 2 pm

An expert panel webinar were organised by Red Lantern Analytica titled "Why India Needs To Decouple From China: Understanding China's Colonial Enterprise", on December 24, 2020.

With the theatre of study of geopolitics now shifting to Asia and specifically, India and China, the aim of this connference were to foster learning and provoke conversations around pertinent issues in the field of foreign policy and international relations.



5:00 pm – 5:01 pm
Introduction to Mr. Jayraj Pandya (Asst. Professor, Rashtriya Raksha University and Moderator) by Mr. Abhishek Ranjan (Founder, RLA)

5:01 pm – 5:05 pm
Introduction of the Panelists by Mr. Jayraj Pandya (Moderator)

5:05 pm – 5:17 pm
Opening Remarks by Hon’ble MP Dr. Amar Patnaik (MP, BJD, Rajya Sabha)

5:17 pm – 5:29 pm
Remarks by Mr. Abhijit Iyer Mitra (Senior Research Fellow, IPCS)

5:29 pm – 5:41 pm
Remarks by Mr. Kyle Olbert (China Researcher & Activist)

5:41 pm – 5:53 pm
Remarks by Dr. Shalini Sharma (Professor, Christ University)

5:53 pm – 6:05 pm
Remarks by Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Asst. Professor, UASN, Poland)

6:05 pm – 6:35 pm
Q&A Session by Mr. Jayraj Pandya (Moderator)

6:35 pm – 6:40 pm
Vote of Thanks by Ms. Karneet Bhasin (Media Adviser, RLA)






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