Congratulations on Winning

Congratulations on Winning

28 April 2021, 4 pm

"Global Achievers' Award" 2020-21, for Excellence in Education in Recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement & contribution in Nation Building!

We Express millions of thanks and gratitude to all our partners and associates for believing in our ideas, and projects. 

"Award is nothing but a recognition of your hard & honest work. It's always encouraging for being more productive and enhancing you to do better in the future".

We extend our sincere thanks to the "Indian Achievers' Forum" and entire Juries as well as team members for Awarding, "Global Achievers Award" 2020-21, to Dr. Pradeep Kumar, President, Indo-European Education Foundation, for Excellence in Education. 

Today, on 28 April 2021, Dr. Pradeep Kumar received the winning trophy and certificate by H.E. Mr. Tsewang Namgyal, Ambassador, Embassy of India, Warsaw, Poland. 

Dr. Pradeep Kumar is an assistant professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland, and contributes his knowledge and experiences among students. It'll be an inspiration to create global citizens around the world by applying our learned knowledge and experiences in order to make the world a better place.


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