2nd International Conference on Innovations in Management & Information Technology

2nd International Conference on Innovations in Management & Information Technology

30 January 2022, 1 am


2nd International Conference on Innovations in Management & Information Technology, 25 - 26th February 2022


The Conference is organized and hosted by Yashaswi Education Society’s

International Institute of Management Science, Chinchwad, Pune, India

In association with Indo European Education Foundation, Poland


National Institute Of Personnel Management (NIPM)


About the Conference

Despite the awareness and understanding that innovation and embracing new models are critical for survival and success; most organisations are stuck in a cycle of incremental adjustments such as upholding present responsibilities and making just enough modifications to achieve the following quarter's targets. Marketers and enterprises that are adopting the innovating way are also experimenting with the new understanding to gain a more comprehensive perspective. They are frequently constrained by a lack of appropriate resources and the uncertainty/boundary of the outcome.Currently, firms are hampered by a lack of digital research. Consumers and society must improve in technology in order for businesses to prosper in the digital age. As a result, business plays a larger role in social education. The goal of this conference is to provide a forum for academics, industry practitioners, and non-governmental organisations to discuss their perspectives, conduct research, and share their experiences of doing business / helping people at the bottom of the pyramid with advances in management through innovation, research, and technology. The conference hopes to gather intellectuals working in the digital sector, which would aid in information transfer comprehending and advocating excellent practices / barriers in the digital realm, as well as motivating researchers to identify and address new gaps and issues in this burgeoning research topic.

Who can Participate

All IEEF's partners and associates can participate and submit their research Papers for Publication without any registration Fee. 

Registration fee is exempted for all IEEF partners and Associates. Therefore You are requested to submit your research papers before 8th February, 2022.

Research Papers can be submitted directl to 

More information About the conference

Inaugration Program:


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