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As global economy is changing and shaping a new world order, relations between nations are changing. All developed as well as emerging economies are looking forward for new partnerships with potential market. Today, World community is looking towards India with their own perspective  in order to establish diplomatic and trade relations.  In similar manner India is also identifying it's potential partners around the globe.

India, Poland, Ukraine and EU has huge potential to work together with their own interest and develop trade flows between them by establishing a new era of friendship based on Academia-Industry interlinked model of business cooperation.

It has been seen that the knowledge of India in Poland, and especially in Central Europe is quite limited. It is due to the small numbers of Centre of excellence dedicated to the field of research and study. In Central and Eastern Europe there is no such research centre addressing today’s need of both the continents based on today’s demand and supply model of economic growth.

Academia-Industry Interlinked Model of Business Cooperation

Thus, as Indo-European Education Foundation devoted to Indo-European market for educational & research cooperation, we provide a platform by addressing today’s need of Academia and Industries called “Academia-Industry Interlinked Model of Business Cooperation”. The project aims to support the program of internationalisation of higher education in Poland, Europe and India, and to increase the involvement of science and higher education in the economic growth of the country by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and business communities.

We believe that business can take place only when interested parties get proper information about the potential market with efficiency of policies & government willingness, which must address the needs of the people from that market and provide a proper channel of supply of that needs.

Long traditional methods of doing business are loosing their presence and forced to be adoptive with new circumstances and new approaches. Academic Institutions are loosing glimpse (impact of decreasing demography and new regulations in Poland) and struggling for survivals. Industries are seeking possibilities to go global with full successful rate, and looking for new destinations with good returns. The rise of India and China has been seen as attractive destinations for good return investment and getting attention of world communities.
Thus, it is very necessary to understand the market risk before entering at the new places and make full strategies for successful model of doing business.

Thus, we've created our branches as research centres (IEEF's representation) at different locations in order to strengthen the ties between acaemia and industries ans spreading the knowldge.

Nysa, Poland

Ternopil, Ukraine

We fervently invite your good self to be our Partner for strengthening relations between Poland and India.




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