Selected students

1820002Student ID

Parag Pramod BangName and surname

17 August 2018Date

1820003Student ID


17 August 2018Date

1820006Student ID

Bhagyeshri Rane RaneName and surname

10 August 2018Date

1820004Student ID

Sameer Shantilal SidhapuraName and surname

10 August 2018Date

1820005Student ID

Neyome Stany DsilvaName and surname

10 August 2018Date

1820001Student ID

ponnamma Mundachadira Machaian Name and surname

31 July 2018Date

1720012Student ID

RŻ RŻName and surname

23 November 2017Date

170005Student ID

Krzysztof BarniakName and surname

24 September 2017Date


Indo-European Education Foundation Branch in Nysa

Indo-European Education Foundation in Nysa,  at University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland (...)

TZMO Toruń, Poland has selected IEEF's student for Internship 2018

The TZMO GROUP consists of 58 companies in Poland and abroad with (...)

Indian students and migrants: Chaos or Opportunities for Poland?

As a global economy is changing and shaping a new world order, (...)

China and India: Two countries where 2.5 billion customers are waiting

We are pleased to inform that the opinion of Dr Pradeep Kumar, (...)

New dates for Common Entrance Test (CET-India) - Go Poland and EU

Are you planning to take a flight to Poland? or European Union (...)

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