IEEF support


Career Counseling

We will advise you on course and activity selection for your carrier growth by knowing your passion, motivations and aspiration.


University admission

IEEF has a vast portfolio of Partner Universities in Poland and other European Union member states, which provide you wide range of option to select better university in the area of your interest. As IEEF, we offer you confirmed admissions under our Partner Universities as well as to guide you to complete visa process.


Admission guidance

You’ll be carefully guided through the complete Common Application IEEF for students provided by IEEF, valid for all Partner Universities in Poland to secure admission in the institution of your choice.


Finance assistance

We also provide scholarships for extraordinary students and in general cases provide assistance to obtain bank loans for higher studies abroad.



Documentation is very important toward ensuring that your admission is confirmed and Embassy will approve your visa. If one or more document is not in order, your visa application can be delayed or rejected. Thus, we provide you full support to organize documents, make them legally valid “apostilled”, insurance, travel tickets, and all other required documents. This will ensure that student is in the best possible manner and your approval of admission and visa can be assured.


Pre-departure guidance

We guide you about the country of your destination for higher study, and give you pre-departure training-cum-workshop classes about Poland and other European Union member states in order to make you more familiar about culture, language, public transportation, study system, work opportunities, internships etc.


Visa assistance

You need to get visa in order to join your university for continuation of your higher study abroad. Most of students get refusal of visa due to not presented relevant documents or not processed properly. Thus, IEEF offers you full support and guarantees to receive visa through proper counseling and screening of your document


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