Comparative Legal Studies Workshop at Federal Administrative Supreme Court in Leipzig, Germany

Comparative Legal Studies Workshop at Federal Administrative Supreme Court in Leipzig, Germany

3 May 2024, 5 pm

A Comparative Legal Studies Workshop- Common Law Legal System & Civil Law Legal System was conducted at Bundesverwaltungsgerichts/Federal Administrative Supreme Court in Leipzig, Germany

While Indian Law schools and Law students organize their visits or study tours to a country where the Common Law Legal system is practiced, we at Indo-European Education Foundation see huge potential for Indian law students as well as experts developing their cooperation and finding their dream jobs in the European Union Countries where most of the EU member states practices the Civil Law Legal System.  The European Union (EU-27) is extending its cooperation not only to the member states but also to the; possibilities for the non-EU citizens to benefit from its well-recognized and established educational institutions as well as Law organizations such as law firms, ICC, ICJ,  European Commission of Human Rights, Civil Administrative Courts, Criminal Courts etc.  

If an Indian law student has completed their law study in India, it means he/she has gained knowledge and experience in the Common Law legal system only, and has very limited knowledge/information about the practices of Civil Law in the Civil Law practicing countries. It makes it easier for them to travel and find opportunities in these common law-practicing countries compared to civil law-legal-practicing countries. 

However, the opportunities for Indian law students and law experts are unlimited in the EU-27 countries (civil law countries) once they improve their language and learn any of the local languages from the EU member states such as German, Polish, Spanish, French, etc. It can be done during their study programs while they are student at the Law colleges/ universities in India.

Dedicated to the project  "Academia-Industry Experience in the European Union- AIEEA" (Short Visit Academia-Cum-Industrial Experience EU 27),  we've conducted a recent Comparative Legal Studies Workshop- Common Law Legal System & Civil Law Legal System at Bundesverwaltungsgerichts/Federal Administrative Court, Supreme Court in Leipzig, GermanyThe Federal Administrative Court is one of the five federal supreme courts of Germany. It is the court of the last resort for generally all cases of administrative law, mainly disputes between citizens and the state. 

The Workshop was led by Ms. Government Councilor Schlegl, a research assistant at the Federal Administrative Court, who conducted the tour in English. During a 90-minute tour, our participants learned interesting facts about the tasks, organization, and working methods of the Federal Administrative Court and at the same time had the opportunity to experience the impressive architecture of the former Reich Court building. Following this, Ms. VRi'nBVerwG Prof. Dr. Bick's technical discussion. 

Prof. Dr. Bick, Judge at Bundesverwaltungsgerichts/Federal Administrative Court, Supreme Court in Leipzig, Germany, had a brief technical session with students. Dr. Pradeep Kumar, President of Indo-European Education Foundation, Warsaw, Poland, shared the session along with Ms. Government Councilor Schlegl, Judge and research assistant at the Federal Administrative Court. Dr. Kumar presented the Common Law Legal System practices in India while Prof. Dr. Bick mentioned the procedure of appointment of judges at the Civil courts in Germany. She also mentioned the possibilities for Indian students and law experts to join the courts and law firms in Germany. 

The Indian delegation from MARATHWADA MITRA MANDAL'S Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune, India participated in this workshop:

Srl. No.




Course and Semester



Nehaarika Nitin


B.A.LL.B IV year 



Sangram Vijaykumar 


B.A.LL.B IV year.



Abhilasha Ramesh 


B.A.LL.B III year. 



Abhishek Rajendra 


LL.B II year. 



Kshitij Prashant 


                 LL.B I year.                      



Shivam Balasaheb 


       B.A.LL.B II year            



Bhagwan Ramchandra


   Teaching Faculty of Law



Purva Raghunath


Teaching Faculty of Law

The workshop was also attended by two students from the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida, Germany:

  1. Sumedh Sonavane
  2. Iskander Temirtas

We invite you all to join the project and get the benefit of EU-27 countries where you can work in a court, law firms, MNCs, etc. 

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