Workshop with A German Law Firm

Workshop with A German Law Firm "Döscher-Schmalfuß Fachanwalte Für Medizinrecht & Partner"

10 May 2024, 3 pm

A German Law Firm "Döscher-Schmalfuß Fachanwalte für Medizinrecht & Partner" Khemniz, Germany.


On Friday, April 12th, 2024, we had an official visit to one of the top-ranked German Law firms "Döscher-Schmalfuß Fachanwalte für Medizinrecht & Partner". The law firm specializes in medical-related issues.


An Indian-German delegation led by Dr. Pradeep Kumar, President of Indo-European Education Foundation, Warsaw, Poland, had a brief talk with the ADV. NADJA DÖSCHER NARROW FOOT, LL.M. Lawyer Specialist lawyer for medical law and Registered nurse and her team - JOHANNA SPRECKELS, Scientific Associate; KATRIN KRÖNERT, Specialist lawyer for traffic law & Specialist in medical law; MARLIES SCHREIBER-ADERHOLD, Tax consultant / qualified economist, DStV specialist advisor for the execution of wills and Estate administration, company succession. An Indian delegation was coming from MARATHWADA MITRA MANDAL'S Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune, India participating in the project “Academia-Industry Experience in the European Union- AIEEU (Academia-Cum-Industrial Experience Project_EU 27)",  consisting of 2 professors and 6 students. 

consisting of two law professors:

  1. Dr. Bhagwan Ramchandra Gawali
  2. Dr. Purva Rghunath Kartik
  3. Nehaarika Nitin Belsare
  4. Sangram Vijaykumar Shinde

  5. Abhilasha Ramesh Mahajan

  6. Abhishek Rajendra Jagtap

  7. Kshitij Prashant Kulkarni

  8. Shivam Balasaheb Baravkar

The purpose of this visit was to exchange the ideas of law practices in Germany and the role of a Law firm dedicated to medical matters. A brief talk was organized where fruitful interactions between the law experts from Germany, and law students as well as professors had interactive sessions. They exchanged their experiences and practical issues related to the field of medical practices in Germany and available legal remedies.

They also found that there is a huge possibility that Indian law students and law experts can join German Law firms for internships as well as practices.

We thank prof. Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Serge Velesco, Educational Dean Cooperation degree programs, Faculty Industrial Engineering, University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida, Germany for organizing this visit. Our student Mr. Iskander Temirtas for leading and coordinating the visit.

And especially: 


LL.M. Rechtsanwältin
Fachanwältin für Medizinrecht und
Examinierte Krankenschwester

for giving time and sharing knowledge and full experience with the delegation. Thank you!


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