Indo-European Education Foundation Branch in Nysa

Indo-European Education Foundation Branch in Nysa

13 October 2018, 5 pm

Indo-European Education Foundation in Nysa,  at University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland

First branch office of INDO-EUROPEAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION has been established in Nysa, Poland at University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, on October 12th 2018.

Due to IEEF’s efficient work and launched many different projects - Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF) started to receive many queries from different parts of Poland to provide support for academic and industrial cooperations in order to develop relations with Indian market. By receiving continue request from Industries, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs, it was necessery to address all queries and provide them a reliable platform to develop business strategies for India-Poland.

Thus, it was necessary to create a regional branch office in Nysa to cover Opole region towards strengthening academic and industrial ties between India- poland Regional cooperation. As a result "Indo-European Education Foundation Branch in Nysa" at University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland, came in existance. IEEF Nysa branch will be able to provide a platform for all interested parties, individuals, institutions, organizations, GOs NGOs and society at large for the the region and connect them with India as well as facilitate Indian business to Opole region.

Indo-European Education Foundation branch in Nysa has been inaugurated by

Vice Rector, PWSZ Nysa - Dr inż. Mariusz Kołosowski, and 

President, IEEF - Dr Pradeep Kumar

In presence of Dyrektor RCTWiTI, PWSZ Nysa - dr inż. Piotr Chwastyk, Head for International Cooperation (BWM, CBEKZ, IEEF Nysa, Erasmus) PWSZ Nysa- mgr Anna Opałka, Renata Zukowska - CEO, IEEF,Ahmadabad University, India - Prof. Bibek Banergee, International Office PWSZ Nysa - mgr Dagmara Bojda,  and many other national and international guests. 


Working with a vision to create a bridge between academia and industries for regional cooperation, and connect them with India with following goals:

  • To identify and strengthen university’s role in the building new relations between India, Poland and EU;
  • To be a unique institutional Platform in the region for business development with India, and establish civil society dialogues and cooperation between individuals, enterprises, scholars, research institutions, universities, GO & NGOs;
  • To foster opportunities for Polish (regional and national) universities as well as other EU universities for collaborative research & publications with India;
  • To support and advice to the Polish Universities (public & private) regarding new cooperation & research with Indian Universities;
  • To promote scientific development to meet the challenges and expectations of research scholars, students and business elites in the region;
  • To encourage Indian students to pursue higher education in Poland (EU) at all level of studies- Bachelor, Master and PhDs, and provide support to the member/ Partner Polish Universities for recruitment of highly qualified students from India and Indian region (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives) through newly launched IEEF’s project “CET-India Test”;
  • To co-operate with local authorities, local and national government, universities, organizations, social & cultural organizations, individuals and legal entities in the country and abroad;
  • To support for the development and promotion of culture, arts and heritage for Poland (Opole, Nysa region) in India, and India in Poland/Europe;
  • To create a provision of public awareness of the contemporary Indo-Polish (Indian and Polish) art collections;
  • To provide research support to the EU and Polish institutions to get foreign students through various means to their organizations.

A grand successful event took place on the occassion of XVIIIth  Academic Inauguration day in presence of Hon'ble Mr. Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Science and Higher Education, Govt. of Poland, along with many national and international delegates. 


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