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Changes in higher education is not a new phenomena, but how rapidly it is affecting traditional practices and forcing it to be adopted for new methods of teaching & training- is identical, and understood as an indication of new trends in Higher Education. Influence of innovation & technology is stronger than ever before, especially when the internet became the main source of information and mobile devices for the accessibility of the virtual world. Reading rooms  are changed into mobile libraries, and traditional classrooms into online platforms.

The needs of today's industries are also very specific, they want to hire higher ready-made employees for their work places. Very rarely industries are willing to hire higher employees and then train them as per their needs, they want employees to be ready to take responsibilities from day one, not after 6 month training. It has been seen as an increasing gap between academia and industries, where each other's needs are not addressed. 

We understood the needs of academia and Industries for today’s changing world, and linked them by addressing their needs based on the “Academia-Industry Interlinked Model of Business Cooperation”

Linking academia with industries, we are working in following areas:

  1. Academic Cooperation: we provide a platform for academia and industries to address each other's needs by providing  best solutions based on R&D programs/projects. We organize joint forums, conferences, seminars, publications, research projects, workshops, joint study programs, dual certificate programs among partner universities, training and exchanges for students and scholars, and support for industries etc. 
  2. Non-Academic Cooperation:  direct Students Admission to our partner universities (IEEF's partner universities) in Poland, EU and non-EU countries from India and Indian region (Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives, Bhutan, etc). We support student recruitment from India and Indian regions for our partner universities through our "CET-India Test", for all the levels of studies-  Bachelor, Master, and PhDs.
  3. Corporate/ MNCs Co-operation: Providing accessibilities and academic ties between HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) among Indian and Europeans. Indian universities are able to establish academic cooperation with the European Universities as well as  European Universities with the Indian HEIs. The program is devoted to establishing a new relationship between academia and industries. Under Corporate Program- partner universities are able to access internships and campus jobs for their students, scholarships supported by MNCs, and training programs for students and scholars. Under this program students are also able to continue their internships with well known Indian/Polish/European companies in the interest of his/her study areas.
  4. New Partnership: we provide a platform through which you'll find your new academic as well as business partner in Poland, India, EU and non-EU countries. Polish/EU universities may find their partners in India, and Indian Universities in Poland/EU and non-EU countries.
  5. Business Development: We help you to develop your business by providing your best solutions for your home country as well as for your different locations around the Globe, and specifically in India, Poland, Ukraine , and other EU member states.





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