Tomasz Dyba

Tomasz Dyba is the most popular in Poland trainer and business mentor on the field of marketing and sales. Till end of June 2016 conducted trainings and workshops for 1500 managers and directors. He conducts specialized trainings in trade marketing, product management, sales and marketing productivity, category management, new product introduction, sales planning, product positioning, pricing, psychology of prices, company management etc.
He is also an author of articles published in many specialized magazines e.g.: Sales Manager (eg. leading articles: Prospecting, 22/2015; Planning sales in 2016, 23/2015), Controlling and Management Accounting (Situational management according to Hersey-Blanchard; 5/2015) and Ace of sales (CRM in salesman work; 1/2015).

Tomasz Dyba is a practitioner actively advising companies in their current activities. Only in technical segment he developed product relaunching strategy for Schneider Electric (2015) and sales and marketing strategy for electronics company (2016). He has over 20 years of experiences in the management of marketing and sales in B2B and B2C segments from luxury goods to FMCG. He managed marketing budgets in the amount of 65 million. Early in his career he worked as a trader, and later marketing manager for Thomson Consumer Electronics. Another company was Samsung Electronics Poland, where he worked as a Product Manager and then Marketing Manager. He was responsible for developing and implementing the company's strategy in Poland and global repositioning into digital. Introduced about 300 new products in 15 product groups. Restructured the company by preparation and implementation of the new sales strategy, which resulted in, among others, increased profitability of sales by 70% in relation to turnover. He created the world's first network of merchandisers in consumer electronics. Introduced an innovative system of sales planning.

Since 2001 collaborates and advises corporations, companies and institutions as: A.Blikle, ABB, Action, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Bacardi-Martini, Berker, Bond Street, Braas, BRE Bank, Cheesecake, Chip, Dom Development, Dörken, DuPont, DWWS, Finnforest, Gaspol, Gerber (now Nestle), Gira, Harley-Davidson, Harvard Business Review, Integration Club Sposrtowy AWF, Kerakoll, Kinzo, KSB, fear, Mc Donalds, Men's Health, Merten, Motor Presse Poland, National Art Gallery, Oce, Okocim, Pizza Hut, Pizza Marzano, Warsaw University of Technology, Polsat, PKO Bank Polish, Polish Fencing Association, Rheinzink, RuppCeramika, San Marzano, Schneider Electric, Sharp, Konnex Association, Unilever, the Office of the Capital City Warsaw, Ytong etc.
He also supports business and education cooperation between India and EU as operations director of Indo-European Education Foundation.

He completed an MBA in International Management Centre at University of Warsaw and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Institut Francais de Gestion (IFG) in Warsaw (International Diploma of Management) and Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw (Faculty of Mechanical Technology and Automation).


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