Academia-Industry Experience in the European Union- AIEEU

(Short Visit_Academia-Cum-Industrial Experience in Poland and other EU Countries)


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A unique program, launched for current students studying at our partner universities in India, Poland or at any part of the Globe, which provides opportunities to the participants; to get experience of different cultures, cuisines, institutional experiences, industrial training, legal knowledge and to create potential career paths for their future career”.


Higher education students and staff cannot apply directly for participation under AIEEU (Academia-Industry Experience in the European Union) project; the selection criteria for participation in the project  AIEEU which is designed and launched by IEEF, are defined by the higher education institution in which they study or are employed. The project is only designed for the group of students from one or many education institutions from India to participate in the European Exposure from academia and Industries based on self support methods. 


What is AIEEU?

Groups of higher education institutions will have the opportunity to organise short Academia-Industry Experience in the European Union - AIEEU of learning, teaching and training for students and staff (AIEP). During these AIEEU programmes, groups of students or staff will undertake a short-term physical mobility to Poland including other destinations at the EU's universities and Industries combined with a compulsory intercultural classes and industrial training  abroad.

In addition, AIEEU gives students a chance to experience another culture,  knowledge of different education systems, teaching & training methods, industrial training and practices, reliability of legal systems (Civil and Common Laws), local arrangements and transportation system in Poland and other European Union Member states. Students are visiting partner universities and attending common lectures/classes/seminars with local students in Poland and at other EU universities, where they gained integrated knowledge experience with culturally diversified groups. They are also visiting the industries and learning from their experts about products, market and marketing strategies, supply demand equations, and execution plans for specific markets with local needs. The program itself lets participants understand the needs of the Indian market with comparative analysis with the European market. It leads the participants to understand the quality of education offered by the European Union Universities, applicable to the global means in the competitive world and letting them to  identify themselves not only as a tourist being in Poland or inside the European Union but as  learners and executors to create their own profile for future endeavours.  The program is designed as an effective tool for those who want to pursue international careers with MNCs (multinational Corporations in India, Poland, EU or any other part of the World) or, to join higher educational Institutions abroad for further studies.

AIEEUprogrammes aim at reaching all types of students from all backgrounds, study fields and cycles.


Short Visit under Academia-Industry Experience in the European Union - AIEEU

The number of students and faculty members from any partner university or School may participate in this program for 10-15 day (maximum 2 weeks). The purpose of this program is to share knowledge and experiences with students and faculty members; from academia, Industries and local practices. In fact, students may visit 27 countries and 40 locations around the European Union member states. Program is very much supportive for those majoring in subjects with an explicit international focus, such as a foreign language, global studies, International business, Law, International politics, Management, Medicine, Engineering, Intercultural communication and corporate practices. It is about making yourself ready to join an international community with diversified experiences in multicultural society by creating your own profiles.

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  • Who Can Join this Program?
  • Any University, educational Institute, or a company by sending their letter in Intent to the Foundation (IEEF), expressing their interest to join IEEF as a platform or any specific program run by IEEF (projects). 

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